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  2005.09.02  21.10
six feet under

today i watched the episodes i missed, including the final episode, of six feet under. and ive realised. I want to be the director of my generations Six Feet Under

Mood: anxious

  2005.08.31  21.37
shit i havent updated in a while

hey.. so schools started WHOOO!!! yeah party time at catholic school MAYBE TOMMOROW WELL GET TO READ EXODUS!!! lol jk i hate this catholic stuff and its only gettin worse, they want us to become catholics i mean im christian but not catholic. im in such a photography mood right now like im getting a new camera soon (YES) thats much better its gonna be cool. wahst everyone doing this weekend?

Mood: accomplished

  2005.08.15  12.45

ok so recently one of my neighbors (who ive told many times not to walk on my lane or kress st. becuz it is a private lane) reported my dogs to the police and animal control... now my dogs are locked up in a cage until me and my mum return freom vacation with our dog liscences IM SO PISSED!!!! this lady shouldnt be reporting animals to the police her fucking dog is the worst behaved dog in the world!!! it has growled at me and nearly bit me before but i didnt report her!!



  2005.08.07  22.17
American walking in a room = jesus walking on water... to an english girl atleast

had a pretty awsome weekend. friday night sucked but saturday i met up with my cosuin Martyn and his X-girl friend Clare. It was so much fun. We all stayed at this hotel near the place where we met and it turned out that there was a wedding party reception thing going on... and you know what weddings mean SINGLE WOMEN!!! WOOOOOO party... lol so we decided to crash the thing after my mum, aunt and brother went to bed... OMG SO MUCH FUN.. no one my age but that doesnt matter... IT WAS A TOTAL BLAST THE MOST FUN EVER..woke up with the worst hang-over ever cuz mum let me drink a couple glases ("couple") of wine at dinner then me and my cousin went to the bar after dinner (before we crashed the techno-ey wedding reception) and they didnt even I.D. it was awsome... everything about drinking is great except for the morning after... so i had a blast.. taken LOADS of pics!! .. lets see what else is new.. OHHHH ive totaly (well sorta) changed my clothing stuff.. got sum realy cool stuff over here.. the clothes are awsome.. so yeah and im in a really good mood.. well im gonna go now BUT I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!


Mood: drained

  2005.08.04  11.32

hey everyone.. IM HAVING LOADS OF FUN!!! ive spent loads of cash on what not (lacoste is dirt cheap over here so im goin go the store again today) its been loaads of fun. im used to the time difference now so ive startedwaking up at 6-45 in the morning (scary) this weekend im going to my cousin martyns flat (apartment) in london. hes got a break from his job. ive run out of room on my digital camera already.. taken like 200 pictures in the last couple days

miss you all... ill talk to yu all l8r

Mood: chipper

  2005.08.01  20.58

hey everyone. im in england and ive finally gotten used to the time zone. its been ok so far. sum excitement is planned ahead. clubbing, parties, hanging with my cousins. ill update later in the week with pictures. hope everythin in LA is fine..miss you all


  2005.07.27  20.10
almost there


Mood: bouncy

  2005.07.26  22.30
5,473 Days

After 5,743 of living on this earth ive finally FOR SURE realised my purpose in life. and my goal. My purpose is to be a director. my goal is to change peoples lives with my films and with myself. Im in a good fucking mood. day after tommorow is my birthday (wich will be my 5,475th day on eath.)..... made some good friends now at Crespi ... everythngs alright. god damn i can not wait until england... OMG!!!!

Mood: accomplished

  2005.07.25  16.18
holla at yo boy... NOT

this is a pretty good week. Its the last week of summer school, the week of my 15th B-day, and the week i leave for england until the end of the summer. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! yes.


  2005.07.21  19.34
it was gone and that was that

oviously sum1 up there didnt want me to go to this concert. ever since this morning i had a bad feelin about it. my mom is in the hospital cuz she had a check up this morning and the shots made her arm numb.. i dn wehats going on and my first chance and prbly only chance to see earlimart has vanished. what a suck ass day. Bad geometry grades, mom in hospital, no concert fuck


  2005.07.17  23.25

earlimart (fav. band ever) concert on thursday night at hollywood and highland and its FREEE anyone wanna go?


  2005.07.15  22.45
ugggh Semester 1 is over

sosemester one is over. I did pretty goood. Anyway today i got acouple letters from my friends at camp. they seem to be having fun. I miss them so much. I just faxed them saying i wont be able to attend visitors day cuz my parents say i have to much work.. ugh but maybe its for the best. Anyway im gonna go ill update L8r


  2005.07.14  17.29
new music video

i love the new bright eyes music video for there song called First Day Of My Life


  2005.07.14  17.22

today i got 3 new CDs thats it

cuz im boredCollapse )


  2005.07.13  21.06
my silly dog

still no letter from camp friends.... maybe they forgot me?
i drew a sorta everything about camp thing in my book at skool today as a good memory...

I miss camp so muchCollapse )

Mood: sad

  2005.07.12  19.52

anyone wanna chill this weekened or somethin?

Mood: anxious

  2005.07.12  16.45

nothing exciting has happened in a long time, i thot summer was gonna be great, but its pretty much sucked. ughh i need to do sumthing, soon, now, today, tommorow, this weekend?

i dn

Mood: aggravated

  2005.07.10  10.59
uggh so bored

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  2005.07.10  10.47

im getting a second chance and still i cant fucking pull it together, im failing history again, in summer school.... ughh i feel like im just a drfting piece of trash on a highway i sorta sit around and do nothing until once every blue moon a ferrari goes by and pushes me into the front bumper of the car behind it, then the car stoips and i sit around again doing nothing, i get my boosts here and there where i suddenly do great but then i do nothing... and now if i dnt pull it together i cnt go to england, ive already missed camp becuz of this but i CANNOT miss my entire summer and then go back to school at FairFax high, i mean c'mon thinking about it it would ruin my dreeams, tess said her friend really liked Hollywood High but... i just dont know

on top of this ive failed to quit smoking and the kid i owe money to is in Summer School on tuesdays, thursdays, and fridays.... im soooo screwed

Mood: Beer Or Brandy

  2005.07.05  22.55
electrical surge

people seem to just push by me but then they just walk away into the dark.... is it me, or is it them

Mood: Brandy Or Beer?

  2005.07.03  14.39
and there gone

they all left 5 minutes, the waves, the smiles, the cheers, the tears... they left 5 minutes ago.. and i should have gone


  2005.07.03  05.33
it wont be the same anymore

You dont know what its been like, this year has a been like a really horrible film: its featured stupid shit, some really bad days and nights, but it flashed by and then would speed up.. it sucked. and now its about to get worse... today at 11:30 all my friends from camp: Luke, Sarah, Emily, Alex, Josh, Brose, Kyle, Peter, Claire, Missy, and many more will be meeting at the San Pedro harbor to depart for camp. im gonna miss camp this year, my first session missed in 3 years and that was for the same exact reason.. SUMMER FUCKING SCHOOL the most pointless stupid idea sum1 came up with. Ok so i failed FUCK oh no its not the end of the world.. i mean for fuck sakes so what! i know its a big deal to sum but to me its just a fly on the window of a speeding car, 2 years of camp missed since i sarted going to this camp when i was 9, for the same reason both times.. im so just pissed!!!


  2005.06.29  20.56
thats it

fuck im so bored.. im going to a party tonight..


  2005.06.26  21.10

summer school starts tommorow.. and today as im sitting at the shore of Big Bear Lake as the sun rises i realise.. i fucked up i fucked up and its all my fault.. i could be shopping tommorow for Camp buying bathing suits, camera stuff, batteries, iPod charger, wet suits, sleepin bags, etc. but i fucked up ITS MY FAULT AND I HATE ME FOR IT!!!

i wanna go to camp, i need to go to camp

today i talked to my friend Claire from camps parents and they said they might take me to visitors day, otherwise i have to find my own way there.. its only one day but its better then not goin at ALL


  2005.06.25  00.14

I NEED TO GO TO CAMP I CANNOT STAY IN LA FOR THE NEXT MONTH WHY?! WHY WAS I SUCH AN IDIOT THIS YEAR!!! today i was calling the people from camp and when i called my friend Josh from camp and asked to speak to him his mom Flipped out and started bawling.. he died over spring break, i just found out. EVERY single one of my friends is going to campthis year that went last year, except for him....

uhh i just wanna wake up and have it turn out this year was a dream, but i cant its real


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